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Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure that is usually done as outpatient treatment. The procedure usually takes 30 minutes and pain relief after RFA is typically experienced 1 to 3 weeks after the injection. Post-procedure, pain relief lasts from 9 months to more than 2 years.

In this procedure, performed under image guidance like USG or X-ray, the nerve fibers carrying pain signals to the brain are destroyed using heat. It is a relatively safe and effective procedure for chronic pain conditions. RFA provides long-term pain relief in patients suffering from chronic neck, back, lower back, osteoarthritis knee pain, etc.

Post-procedure patients are monitored for 2 hours and are allowed to resume their daily activities.

Types Of Radiofrequency Ablation
  1. Conventional radiofrequency
  2. Pulsed radiofrequency
  3. Cooled radiofrequency
  4. Bipolar radiofrequency
  5. Multichannel radiofrequency
Goals of Radiofrequency Ablation
  1. Reduce pain for a longer duration
  2. Improve the neck, back, knee, and shoulder functions by improving the range of motion.
  3. Avoid or delay surgery
Effectiveness of Radiofrequency Ablation

The effectiveness of radiofrequency depends on multiple factors like the accuracy of diagnosis, anatomical variations of nerve, and techniques. Some patients experience 100% pain relief after 10 days of the procedure, while others may get relief after two or three weeks. However, if individual experiences no relief even after 3 weeks of the procedure, then the procedure might not be successful and should be repeated.

Side Effects & Risks Involved

RFA is a relatively safe and low-risk procedure. However, some people may experience certain side effects and/or complications from this treatment. It is therefore advised to discuss the potential risk of developing any adverse reactions or side effects of RFA with a doctor prior to this treatment.

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