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Facet Joint Injection

These injections are used to relieve pain in the neck, middle back, or lower back. The facet joints, which are tiny joints near the back of the spine, connect each vertebra. When these joints begin to degenerate or are injured, injections are used to alleviate the pain.

What does the procedure involve?

A facet joint medial branch block usually takes less than 30 minutes. Your doctor may use an x-ray to guide them while they give the injection.

Your doctor will carefully insert the needle for the injection. They may inject dye (colourless contrast fluid) and take an x-ray to help them to check that the needle is in the right position. Sometimes your doctor will use an ultrasound scanner to help guide them while they insert the needle.

What complications can happen?
  1. failure of the injection to relieve your pain
  2. worsening pain
  3. backache
  4. allergic reaction
  5. allergic reaction to the equipment, materials or medication
  6. seizures
  7. infection around your spine
  8. short-term nerve injury
  9. visual disturbance or loss of vision
  10. long-term nerve injury
  11. blood clot around your spine

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The Best and latest technology is used, doctors and staff are very professional. This is by far the best pain clinic in India.

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Excellent patient care & hospitality. Excellent staff, got very good relief from pain thanks to doctors' team


I'm very pleased and satisfied with the treatment my mother had. She got so much relief after treatment.


Doctors explained in detail about the procedure and treated my knee pain. The doctors team is very effective.


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