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Headache & Migraine

Looking for the best Migraine Headache Treatment in hyderabad?Headaches can be more complicated than most people realize. Each kind can have its own set of symptoms and need different treatments. But recognizing the type of headache is crucial because if we talk about headaches alone there are about 150 types- right from cluster headaches and sinus headaches to migraine and hormone headaches. And until you know the type, it’s not easy to find the treatment.

Headache, as the name suggests, is a pain in the head, and everyone suffers from a headache at some point in life. But some people experience it more regularly. Infact, headache is a very common problem in both adults and children. The most common type is the primary headache when there is no known cause for it or it could be secondary to sinus problems or a tension headache or result of an eye problem or very rarely it might be something serious like a brain tumor, meningitis or a brain haemorrhage.

What Causes Headaches?

Pain you feel during a headache comes from a chemical activity in your brain, blood vessels, and nearby nerves. Other than that, lifestyle factors that can trigger primary headaches include consuming alcohol, smoking, changes in sleep pattern, poor posture, etc.


The first step is to talk to your doctor about your headaches because most people do not need special diagnostic tests. However, sometimes, doctors may order a CT scan or MRI to look for or to rule out any neurological problems.

Types Of Headaches

Primary headaches: Migraines, cluster headaches and tension-type headaches are categorized as primary headaches.Tension-related headache or muscle contraction headache: This is the most common type and it causes a dull and diffuse pain at the base of the head, neck, forehead and temples as if there is a tight band around the head or it might feel like heaviness in the head.It may be acute and lasts only for a few hours. This kind of headache often responds to simple painkiller medications but sometimes when it becomes chronic, it may last for several days or weeks.This type of headache is the result of muscle contractions and is, therefore, associated with overwork and emotional tension.

Cluster Headache: This problem is typically seen in middle-aged men and occasionally women. The pain usually occurs around the eye, temple or forehead. And can be very severe. It can be associated with tearing, nasal congestion, facial flushing and forehead sweating, etc. Though the pain can occur any time, it’s commonly experienced when a person wakes up from sleep. It is called cluster headache because it occurs in clusters for over 4-12 weeks and then disappears for months or years. It is usually on one side and occurs at the same side and same time every day hence is also named ‘alarm clock headache’.

Migraine: This is the most common type of primary headache which can be quite debilitating. Most migrant attacks start during the teenage and before puberty.Migraine is 3 times more common in women and has been linked to female hormones. The pain might be triggered by birth control pills as well as hormone replacement therapy during menopause. Migraine tend to occur on one side of your head and can last from a few hours to a few days. Without treatment, migraines tend to become chronic with more frequent and even daily attacks.


The type of headache treatment you need will depend on the type of headache you experience, how often, and its cause. That said, some people don’t need medical help at all.

Botox Injection: Botox injections that help prevent headaches in adults with chronic migraine are generally safe and effective. Botox works by blocking chemicals called neurotransmitters that carry pain signals from within your brain.

Scalp Block: The pain management option has been successfully used especially during postoperative headaches. Scalp Block involves regional anesthesia to the nerves.

Occipital Nerve Blocks: An occipital nerve block is a procedure where we inject a combination of pain medicine and steroids in the back of your head. This is usually prescribed to treat chronic headaches caused by an irritation to the nerve in the back of your head. Also, it is an effective treatment modality especially to manage pain in children with one-sided headaches or headaches where the scalp is tender.

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