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Transforaminal Epidural

During this image-guided interventional procedure, steroids or other medicines are injected inside the neural foramen of the spine. This is similar to the epidural steroid injection procedure, with the only difference being that the epidural space is accessed through the neural foramen, the several openings on either side of the spinal canal.

The procedure is also known as selective nerve root injection, nerve root sleeve injection, or dorsal root ganglion injection and is always done under real-time image guidance like C-arm, fluoroscopy or ultrasound guidance.

Patients must ensure to get this procedure done by expert physicians who are well-trained in performing interventional pain management procedures.

Transforaminal Epidural works in the management of pain caused due to inflammation of nerve roots because of a slipped disc or prolapsed disc or lateral canal stenosis. It may also be performed as a diagnostic procedure as a selective nerve root block.

Some possible complications associated with Transforaminal Epidurals include:

  • Nerve root injury
  • Infection
  • Pain at the injection site
  • Muscle spasms
  • Transient numbness
  • WeaknessThat said, the Transforaminal Epidural is a very effective procedure for radicular pain and sciatica but as mentioned, this procedure must be done by experienced doctors for back pain treatment.

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