Facial Pain

Facial pain is often the result of headaches and traumatic injuries but sometimes it can also be the result of serious medical condition. The pain can either originate from a specific area of the face or may radiate from another part of the head.

However, some of the other causes of facial pain may include nerve conditions, jaw and dental problems, infections, etc.

People often describe facial pain as a shooting or stabbing ache that can radiate from other areas in the body, such as the ears, eyes or head.

Facial pain can be caused either due to an infection or some severe nerve damage in the face. However, common causes of facial pain include facial injury, migraine-induced headache, nerve disorder, sinusitis, toothache, an oral infection, etc.

Besides the physical examination, your doctor may order an imaging test, such as an X-ray or MRI Scan to make an accurate diagnosis. These imaging tests are useful in diagnosing problems within the bones, muscles, and tissues.

Sometimes your doctor may also take a blood sample to test for certain infections.

Facial pain generally goes away once you receive a diagnosis and begin a treatment plan, but the pain caused by headaches, sinus or neurological conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia doesn’t respond to OTC medications.At Genesis Pain Clinic, Hyderabad we offer safe yet effective therapies to manage facial pain. These include:

Botox Injection: Botox therapy is a safe and effective method in the management of pain induced by conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia. Botox helps to keep the facial muscles relaxed for up to three to six months.

RF Ablation: Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is efficient in treating patients with facial pain, as well as in improving their quality of life. For instance, in the case of the trigeminal nerve, RFA targets the brain’s ability to transmit pain signals, thereby reducing pain.

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