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Epidural Spinal Injections

As the name suggests, the injection of steroids in the epidural space of the spine is called epidural steroid injection.

Our spinal cord has 3 thin layers of coverings called ‘meninges’. The outermost covering is called the dura. The space between the bony canal of the spine and the dura is the epidural space. All nerves that start from the spinal cord, run through this epidural space and come out of the spine through the neural foramina of the spine.

Usually, the procedure is done under the guidance of fluoroscopy or ultrasonography along with C-arm guidance. This not only increases safety but also reduces radiation exposure.

Epidural steroid injection is effective in several painful conditions such as slipped disc or disc prolapse or herniation of disc, spinal canal stenosis, vertebral fracture for pain reduction, complex regional pain syndrome, phantom limb pain, etc.

Usually, it is a safe and effective procedure. But some of the side effects associated with epidural steroid injection include:

  • Puncture of blood vessels and formation of a hematoma
  • Injury of the spinal cord
  • Injury of nerve roots
  • Infection
  • Rise in blood sugar
An epidural steroid injection reduces inflammation of nerve roots and reduces pain. However, sometimes, it may not cure the condition or may have to be repeated to have more prolonged pain relief.

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