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Cryoneuroablation, also known as cryoneurolysis, is a specialized technique for providing long-term pain relief in a certain condition or in controlling cancer pain without any known side effects.

When cryoablation is done to ablate a nerve to relieve pain it is called cryoneurolysis. Cryoablation is a procedure in which an extremely cold liquid (which could be liquid nitrogen or liquid nitrous oxide) or an instrument called a cryoprobe is used to freeze and destroy some tissue.

The procedure is also effective in the management of knee pain due to osteoarthritis, and craniofacial pain which could be due to Supraorbital Neuralgia, Infraorbital Neuralgia, Mandibular Neuralgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia, etc. It’s also given to patients experiencing abdominal and pelvic pain due to subgastric neuralgia and Sacral Neuralgia and lower back pain, etc.

Cryotherapy is effective in the following conditions:

  • Inflammation, pain and swelling
  • Reduce soreness after a workout
  • Joint conditions such as frozen shoulder
Adverse reactions of Cryoneurolysis are rare. However, some of the minor side effects associated with the procedure include infection at the site of the injection, increased inflammation and pain at the site of the injection, bleeding, bruising, etc.

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